We are so confident that Farm&Oven bakery bites will be your new favorite snack. So much so, that we are willing to put our money behind it.

If you are not absolutely satisfied with your purchase, for any reason, let us know! We will replace the item or provide a full refund of its purchase price and shipping costs. It's that simple.

Simply let us know what you didn't like at info@farmandoven.com. We are always looking to learn and appreciate your feedback. We'll make the return and refund process as painless as possible.

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Why Farm & Oven?

Waiting until dinner to fight about veggies with your kids is too late and too much of a struggle.

Why not get off to a great start in the morning, with Farm & Oven mini muffins? Each convenient, on- the-go pack of mini muffins is loaded with ½ cup of real, non-GMO veggies, soft baked in delicious flavors that your kids will ask for.

Give them energy from a combination of vegetables and whole grains, so they can be their best all day long.

What a #momwin! Veggies without a fight, hassle-free mornings.