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Pumpkin Maple Pecan

“My favorite pumpkin flavor. Now with veggies?!?!”
This flavor was the beginning of my idea for Farm&Oven! I used to sneak veggies into other kinds of foods. My family rejected pretty much all of them.

With these bites of Pumpkin Maple Pecan bread, we’ve found a secret way to add 2 servings of pumpkin (blended with a little carrot), and these baked treats are such a treat!

We use the traditional pumpkin spices: nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and cloves. Your mouth will water when you first open the package!
These pumpkin bites are soft and dense – the way delicious homemade pumpkin bread is.

  • Now with 40% of your daily veggies
  • 1 billion probiotics and lots of fiber.
  • All of our ingredients are non-GMO.
  • 3 pieces per pack. Select the number of packs per box below.
  • Money back guarantee. Soy and dairy free.

Reach me at kayallison@farmandoven.com

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