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Chocolate Lover's 20-Pack

“These are so good! There’s no way they’re good for you, too!”

I love, love, love chocolate. My favorite dessert as a kid was chocolate pudding
(because it was the only chocolate dessert we ever had). My sister and I had a contest to see who could eat it more slowly.

These chocolate cookies are amazingly delicious. I believe in them so much that I’ll refund your money if you don’t love at least one flavor.

These cookies are soft-baked, thick and chewy. They are tasty out of the pack, and they’re yummy factor increases when you warm them in the microwave for a few seconds.

And the cool part about them is that you get over ½ cup of real non-GMO veggies in each and every pack. I know it seems like magic. How do we manage it? I’ll tell you the secret. We use air-dried veggies. I’ll be surprised if you can taste them.

Oh, and you get 32% of your daily fiber.
We bake with pretty much the same ingredients as you do. And they’re all non-GMO.

3 pieces per pack. You pick the number of packs per box below. Reach me at kayallison@farmandoven.com

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