Chocolate Lovers

“These are so good! There’s no way they’re good for you, too!”

Love chocolate? These chocolate cookies are amazingly delicious. We believe in them so much that We’ll refund your money if you don’t love at least one flavor.

These cookies are soft-baked, thick and chewy. They are tasty out of the pack, and they’re yummy factor increases when you warm them in the microwave for a few seconds.

And the cool part about them is that you get over ½ cup of real non-GMO veggies in each and every pack. It's crazy what a little magic can do, isn't it? Ok maybe it's not magic. The secret is we use air-dried veggies making the veggie taste undetectable.

Oh, and you get 32% of your daily fiber.
We bake with pretty much the same ingredients as you do. And they’re all non-GMO.

3 pieces per pack. You pick the number of packs per box below.

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