Beet Dark Chocolate

“They think brownies. I think veggies.”

My mom used to bribe me to eat veggies with a brownie to follow. But what does that tell a kid? “Veggies taste so bad that eating them needs to be rewarded.”

I’ve combined the veggies AND the cookies all in one. These dark chocolate brownies take their inspiration from red velvet cakes. They’re made with beets! 2 servings of beets, no less.

They’re soft and fudgy, the way a brownie should be (according to me). We sprinkle in mini-chocolate chips. Then we magically hide 40% of your daily veggies, along with 1 billion probiotics per pack.

Oh, and you get 32% of your daily fiber. We bake with the same ingredients as you do. And they’re all non-GMO.

Today you can eat brownies. And get your beets.
Even beet haters will love these.
Money back guarantee.

3 pieces per pack. You pick the number of packs per box below.
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