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We think our product is chewy, delicious and picky taste-tester approved. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what people have to say about our soft-baked mini muffins!

Chocolate Lover's Bundle




Beth on June 23, 2020

I wanted to reach out to say thank you for pouring your brilliance into these bite-size snacks. I have always struggled with working veggies onto my plate as I am an arguably picky eater, but you have completely eliminated this challenge for me. HOLY COW! These treats are so so yummy and are a perfectly convenient on-the-go breakfast option that fuels my belly with goodness to start the day.
So, thank you, Kay! For perfecting these treats and sharing them with the rest of us. I especially love the chocolate chip zucchini bites and soon so will everyone I know.



Yoojin on May 26, 2020

SO GOOD. Texture is chewy. I love it best frozen and microwaved for 20-30 seconds. It's the perfect mini dessert that's so satisfying. They're perfectly sweet, petite, and you can't taste the veggies at all. There's a slight bitter flavor, which I don't mind, but I also love to top it off with cinnamon, PB, or healthy ice cream. I can't believe each bite is only around 50 calories! Rather than a dark chocolate square for 50 calories... this is definitely a more satisfying fulfilling snack. :)



Ruby Feldman on Dec 24, 2019

I am so glad to have discovered and now support this brand! Everything is so yummy and is now on my daily must eat list! What a great way to get my veggies



Cindy on Dec 21, 2019

These are great! I’m in chocolate heaven. Thanks so much for making these. Now I can join in when the family has desert. Thanks again!


Zucchini Lemon Poppy Seed



Allie on May 23, 2018

My 4 year old and I love these! We can both have a delicious snack without having to worry about what's in it. I will keep buying!



Dana on Apr 16, 2018

I bought the sampler pack and all of them were delicious, but the lemon poppy are my favorite. They're all chewy and delicious and would be good as a regular cookie. It's an added bonus that there's actually veggies in them too!




Kpatie on Mar 31, 2018

I just tried this for the first time a few minutes ago and it was amazing! They are so moist, dense and chewy!!! Awesome little treat! I bought the sample pack so it's now going to be hard to wait on trying the rest! I definitely recommend this flavor so far!


Pumpkin Maple Pecan



Marly on May 31, 2019

Perfect little nibble for an afternoon coffee break or a quick bite in the car. The dense texture is different than I was expecting, but once you get used to it, they're delicious!



Emily on Apr 23, 2018

Though tough, they soften when warmed. In my opinion, they're even better warm. I absolutely love pumpkin, so I think these might be my favorite. These actually make good meal replacements. Eat them with a cup of coffee in the morning. Mmm...❤


Carrot Cinnamon



Indulge Your Inner Foodie on Mar 06, 2018

These little bakery bites are just like carrot cake. I love the chunks of carrot that each one has. I swear if I dipped them in cream cheese frosting I would never know that they were so healthy! These are my favorite to grab when I don't have time for breakfast.




Brendan G on Feb 27, 2018

I ordered four boxes of these and let me tell you, that cinnamon with a nice glass of milk? Mmm!

So healthy for you and yet the soft bite from each "cookie" makes me think I'm having something unhealthy from how good it tastes. I personally thought carrots sounded odd, but the taste convinced me that wasn't the case!The owners are on to something here! I love them!



Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2018

So I first tried the sample pack because I was skeptical about the product. Honestly, I came across it as an advertisement on Instagram and I usually don’t purchase items from companies that I’ve never heard of. I started a journey of healthy eating trying to make better eating choices, especially when it comes to snacks!! Well let me say this, that was the best choice I’ve ever made!!! I’m so addicted to these bakery bites that I can’t stop buying them. Now that I know they are available through amazon, I buy more because with prime I get them within two days max!!! So, the carrot cinnamon are my ultimate favorite, hands down!!! My second fave is a a tie between the pumpkin maple pecan and beet dark chocolate brownies. Now, I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate and I absolutely do not like beets, however, these brownies are amazing!!!! I’m a huge fan of these products and if I’m getting 40% of my daily required veggies while eating good snacks, hey I’m all for it!!!


Beet Dark Chocolate





Kelly on Aug 07, 2019

When I hear "beets"I immediately think ewwww -- just being honest. I tried these after receiving a sample at a recent wellness event and though I'd give at least one bit a try. I mean there's chocolate! HOLY COW. These are amazing!! I just ordered the sample pack to try some of the other flavors but I am pretty sure this is going to be a forever favorite!!



Megan on Jul 09, 2018

These are fantastic products! At first, the taste was unexpected - I've never had anything like it, and it is different than a non-vegetable based brownie, so if you are expecting the beet/zucchini flavor to be totally masked, you are mistaken. That said, they have quickly become my favorite chocolate snack and have helped me successfully lose and keep off 15 lbs! I've been snacking one per day for the past month and they still haven't gotten old. Thank you so much for making these, they are stellar!



Delicious! Veggies, say whaaaat?

Reviewed in the United States on June 17, 2018

I love these. They are the perfect snack for me. Granted, these will not replace the ooey gooey triple chocolate brownies you splurge with, but these Farm and Oven treats will leave you feeling satisfied and NOT leave you in a sugar coma. I love all the flavors, especially the chocolate and pumpkin ones. I’ve bought these multiple times already. So try them out!!


Stellar Sweet Treat (That's Good for You Too!)

Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2018

These are a fantastic product! At first, the taste was unexpected - I've never had anything like it, and it is different than a non-vegetable based brownie, so if you are expecting the beet/zucchini flavor to be totally masked, you are mistaken. That said, they have quickly become my favorite chocolate snack and have helped me successfully lose and keep off 15 lbs! I've been snacking one per day for the past month and they still haven't gotten old. Thank you so much for making these, they are stellar!


Tasty, filling and relatively healthy

Reviewed in the United States on March 18, 2018

Beet Dark Chocolate Bakery Bites are chocolate-y, satisfy my sweet tooth and are surprisingly filling. I bring a package to work (there are 3 bakery bites in a package), enjoy one as a sweet end to my lunch, and snack on the other 2 during the afternoon. They're also great to bring along as snacks while traveling, hiking or skiing. They're easy carry, and kids will love them. I don't generally eat beets, but these just taste like chocolate to me.


You can’t taste the beets

Reviewed in the United States on October 13, 2019

Tasty snack that is about as healthy as you can get when eating chocolate. Like having a chocolate chip brownie or a moist double chocolate chip cookie. And they go well with milk, coffee or even red wine. A little pricey but I get them as part of my subscribe and save delivery which helps with the price and portion control

Variety Box



Healthy and tasty!

Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2018

I got the Sampler box out of curiosity and I'm so happy I tried these! They easily replace unhealthy deserts, and they have vegetables in them! My favorite is the beet dark chocolate flavor (warmed in the microwave a few seconds you'll forget there's veggies in there) but close second is the carrot cinnamon (tastes like carrot cake, no joke). As someone whose biggest struggle in weight maintenance is the famous sweet tooth, these snacks are just amazing because they save me hundreds of extras calories :)

Update: 6/23/18
I'm on my third box of the Beet Dark Chocolate flavor. They're basically my after dinner snack most days of the week! Delicious and just the right amount of sweet. I don't get tired of them at all. I highly recommend them if you're not sure at least try the sampler box, you should try everything at least once in your life. Everything. :)


6 year old approved

Reviewed in the United States on August 16, 2018

So I purchased these for my 6year olds packed school lunches and getting him to eat veggies (at least anything other than corn) is a struggle. We did a taste test before I officially decided on making these his after lunch treat, he popped one in his mouth (before I told him what was in it) and he was in love!!! It was obvious to me they weren’t normal brownies/carrot cake/etc they do have an earthy veggie taste but he didn’t notice and enjoyed them quite a bit!



Reviewed in the United States on April 15, 2019

I absolutely love these snacks. They have 40% of your daily veggies in one pack, and taste really good. I was skeptical at first, thinking theyd just taste like any other crappy food bar they have out on thr market, but I was pleasantly surprised. Although I enjoy all the flavors, the Zuchini Lemon Poppyseed is my favorite. They are so cheey and delicious and they really fill me up. I wish it were easier to buy in bulk!



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