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How to Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder at Work

How to Cope with Seasonal Affective Disorder at Work

The M-Dash

Kay Allison, Farm & Oven’s Co-Founder, shares openly about her struggles with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and sheds light on how healthy food leads to a happy brain.

January 2020

Farm & Oven - Women's Health

Top 10 Healthy Snack Trends of 2019

Women's Health

Listed under “Stealth Veggies” Farm&Oven’s Beet Dark Chocolate mini muffins made Women’s Health list of 2019’s top healthy snack trends.

November 2019

Farm & Oven - The Chocolate Cult

Putting the Veggies in Your Chocolate Cookies

The Chocolate Cult

An honest appraisal by a chocoholic reveals that the taste of veggies in these Farm&Oven mini muffins is nowhere to be found.

November 2019

Farm & Oven - Bloomberg Daybreak

Brand Regenerations

Bloomberg Daybreak

Farm&Oven co-founder Mike Senackerib highlights how essential it is as a food company to study consumer trends and give people what they want: healthy snacks that taste delicious.

August 2019

Farm & Oven - Nutritional Outlook

Name Brand Ingredients for Immune Health Dietary Supplements

Nutritional Outlook

Farm&Oven is one of the early adopters in the food industry to add probiotics to its delicious soft-baked mini muffins.

January 2018

Farm & Oven - KWGN Channel 2

Unique 2 Colorado Products

KWGN Channel 2

Farm&Oven mini muffins with tons of fiber and probiotics in each bite are featured on the local news station for not only being unique, but Colorado made!

January 2018

Farm & Oven - Food Processing: The Information Source for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

Snacks Can Be Healthy – For Consumers and Processors

Food Processing: The Information Source for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

As consumers push for healthier snacks, Farm&Oven mini muffins are highlighted in this article for using non-GMO vegetables.

December 2017

Farm & Oven - Consumer Goods

Former Campbell CMO Starts from Scratch with Farm & Oven

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods emphasizes Farm&Oven’s mission of “Finding the Joy in Healthy” while highlighting the accolades of our co-founders.

December 2017

Farm & Oven - Food Navigator

Former Kraft Foods and Campbell Soup’s exec to bring probiotics snacks to Amazon

Food Navigator USA

Farm&Oven celebrates its launch on Amazon with this great write-up in Food Navigator.

December 2017

Farm & Oven - New Hope Network

How new brand Farm & Oven optimizes package design for e-commerce

New Hope Network

Our co-founders share how our logo and packaging was developed to make it easier for you to find online and in stores!

December 2017

Farm & Oven - Just Food

US start-up Farm & Oven launches vegetable-based Bakery Bites

Just Food

Kay Allison, our company Co-Founder, explains how Farm&Oven was created with the picky eater in mind.

December 2017

Farm & Oven - Bakery and Snacks

Former Kraft Foods and Campbell Soup’s exec to bring probiotics snacks to Amazon

Bakery and Snacks

Learn how Farm&Oven was created by a stressed-out mom whose picky eater wouldn’t let a vegetable cross her lips.

December 2017

Farm & Oven - Food Drive

Cookies come loaded with vegetables, but will consumers bite?

Food Dive

Did you know only 1 in 10 adults eats enough vegetables each day? Food Dive explores the new trend of sneaking veggies into snacks without compromising on taste.

November 2017

Farm & Oven - Baking Business

Food industry veterans launch new snack brand

Baking Business

Did you know that Farm&Oven was founded by a former Campbell’s CEO and Market Research Executive? They take food seriously. Find out why.

November 2017

Farm & Oven - Food Business News

Vegetables: ‘An untapped opportunity’

Food Business News

Refreshingly honest, Farm&Oven has decided to hide the vegetables they put in cookies, in plain sight.

November 2017

Farm & Oven - Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery

Farm&Oven Snacks Bakery Bites

Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery

New on the scene, Farm&Oven is changing the way we snack by adding 40% of our daily vegetables and probiotics to each serving

November 2017

Farm & Oven - Prepared Foods

Farm&Oven Snacks

Prepared Foods

Most adults admit they need to eat more vegetables. Farm&Oven oftens a delicious solution in our snack motivated culture.

November 2017

Farm & Oven - Philadelphia Business Journal

Farm&Oven Bakery Bites

Philadelphia Business Journal

A snack that can support your nutritional needs and digestion? Farm&Oven packs in a ½ cup of veggies in each serving as well as a healthy does of probiotics without sacrificing on taste.

November 2017

Farm & Oven - Biz West

Food-industry veterans launch Boulder-based natural-snacks company

Biz West

New on the scene: a Boulder-based natural food company that is dedicated to making healthy snacks tasty.

November 2017