Kay Allison - Farm & Oven SnacksMy kids eat like toddlers. And they're young adults! ;)

They're not the only one who doesn't get enough veggies. I don't eat 5 servings a day. Some days, sure. But Fridays? Not so much.

I hit on the idea of baking extra veggies into old-fashioned bakery treats. Things that you bake with vegetables, like pumpkin bread and carrot cake.  The twist is that Farm&Oven bakery bites are made with, um, pumpkin and carrots. Weird, right?

My kids won't eat anything they don't love. So these bakery bites have a moist, soft texture. They smell enticing. And they taste amazing. (I'm biased, but they are!)

I also want to keep my kids' bellies happy so they're high in fiber. And to support their immune systems, Farm&Oven bakery bites have 1 billion live probiotic cultures.

I asked Mike to become my business partner. We've known each other for more than 10 years. Somehow, he's shepherded this idea into what you see here. And his values of honesty, kindness and vigilance are a joy.

I love these bakery bites, and I'd love to hear your reaction! Reach me at