Sampler Pack: Try Each Flavor of Farm&Oven Bakery Bites!

These soft, dense bakery bites are bite-sized pieces of bakery treats that tempt me at the coffeeshop! Each has a brownie-like texture, a mouthwatering aroma and a great taste. 

And each pack of three bite-sized pieces has 40% of the veggies we should all be eating every day. Plus probiotics. Plus fiber.

91% of all Americans don't eat enough veggies (CDC report), but we don't have that problem with brownies and muffins! My intent is to help you feel better about the treats, snacks or desserts you eat, while not compromising on taste or texture.

  • Zucchini Lemon Poppy Seed
  • Beet Dark Chocolate
  • Carrot Cinnamon
  • Pumpkin Maple Pecan

Try them out before you buy a box! Then (please!) come back and buy your favorite flavor.


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