Veggie Ventures: Meet Justin and Jules!

February 23, 2021

Veggie Ventures: Meet Justin and Jules!

Hi Farm & Oven crew,
I'd like to introduce two incredible, badass members of our community: Justin and Jules. Their Farm & Oven story is a special one, and they wanted to share it with you. It can be challenging to transform the way we eat -- but we're on this journey towards being as healthy and strong as we can be, together! I know their story will be as inspiring to you as it is to me.
Hi there!
We are so happy you are here. Our names are Justin and Jules, and welcome to our Veggie Ventures! We are both registered nurses (BSN, RN) and we absolutely understand the struggle of how difficult it can be to balance healthy eating while always on the go.
We both have over eight years of clinical experience, and have been RNs for over five years.
I, Jules, worked as a critical care pediatric nurse at one of the most well known children's hospitals in the country, and am now a school nurse in an underprivileged community. 
And I, Justin, worked as an emergency department nurse for most of my career and worked at one of the most well known hospitals in the country.  
Can anyone else relate to the cafeteria at work serving the same greasy pizza for the last five days that you have worked, or is it just us?
Or, if you're lucky, there might be food in the break room, but it usually consists of cookies, chips, pretzels, and leftover sandwiches from the previous shift.
Sure, we could just pack our own lunches, but who even has the time to pack a lunch when you get home after a 12 hour shift and have to be back the next morning?
The point is, we know the struggle of being able to find nutritious food that is also delicious and readily available. Well that is, until we discovered Farm and Oven Bakery Bites!
These scrumptious veggie-packed baked goods are such an easy way for veggies to be incorporated into a breakfast, snack, or an anytime option! These tasty bites are already baked and ready to go, so they absolutely became a staple in our busy, chaotic lives. It was such an easy and convenient way for us to swap out unhealthy snacks for delicious and nutritious veggie-baked bites!
After eating one pack of the Farm and Oven bakery bites nearly everyday for one year, both of us were able to not only feel, but also see, all of the wonderful benefits that Farm and Oven bites offer.
In fact, we both dropped fifty pounds each over that first year!
A few years later, both of us have been able to keep the weight off and we still eat a pack of Farm & Oven bakery bites every single day.
Whether you are looking to introduce more vegetables into your diet, expose your children to more veggies, or just find a delicious and nutritious snack, please look no further. Farm and Oven bakery bites are worth the bite!
We look forward to sharing more of our Veggie Ventures with you next month! Stay safe and keep well.
Justin & Jules, RN, BSN

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