Solidarity, Love, Kindness...and Snacks!

April 01, 2020

Farm and Oven - Healthy Snacks for Picky Eaters

April Fool’s day ought to be cancelled this year. I think the global pandemic is enough of a bad joke! Am I right? How are you all holding up? I vacillate from mild panic to choosing to focus on everything in my small world being okay right now. Our society, our global system, is being challenged right now. What will emerge when the dust settles? 

It’s been powerful to witness the call to help. Never have seen people come together in solidarity. The #togetheryetarpart moment has taken a life of its own. Fear often is replaced by faith when we realize that we’re all in this together. Farm&Oven has been doing its part to applaud our health care professionals by providing them with our mini-muffins for free. Long hours on the front-line doesn’t give a lot of time to eat, let alone eat healthy. Our veggie packed mini muffins are a small way we can make a difference in someone’s grueling day.

We’ve also been actively involved in our community’s efforts to feed families in need. As you may know, Farm&Oven is a huge supporter of Feeding America. This organization operates the country’s food banks that serve millions of tons of food to those in need each year. Locally we’ve started donating additional products to the Boulder Valley School System (BVSD). There are emergency locations that have been set up at the schools in our county. This initiative started with 5,000 families that needed help. Now we’re helping provide groceries to over 10,000 families who need the assistance during this tumultuous time.

I suppose sharing this information could make me a bit of a braggart, but honestly I really want to see these organizations succeed. Maybe it’ll inspire you to make a donation or your own. Also, I find that everyone has moments of meltdown. When you are in panic mode next time, try helping the person closest to you. Maybe it’s your kid, your husband, your parents. Maybe there is an elderly neighbor nearby who is scared to go to the grocery store. Perhaps it’s time to Facetime with an old friend who just lost their job. When I’m in fear I jump immediately into service. Try it out for yourself!

I also truly understand the mama bear call to protect our kids and to stock-up relentlessly on food. We don’t know how long this will last. Farm&Oven is still shipping out products everyday and our delivery schedule is on time. Enjoy 20% off our 20 or 30 packs with the code STOCKUP.  This promotion will last until Sunday, April 5.

Hope you are staying at home and enjoying the extra time to connect with those that matter most. Gratitude is another way I’m staying sane these days.

With love,


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