Soccer Mom's Survival Guide

September 22, 2019

Soccer Mom's Survival Guide

It’s that time of year when mobs of kids follow a soccer ball around the field! And moms stress out about having all the STUFF that’s needed for a good day, whether it’s practice or a game.

My end goal (see what I did there?) is to be able to show up on time and unfrazzled. And that means being prepared well in advance.

Let’s think about categories of what’s needed for a #momwin on and off the field.

  • Gear and clothes for the kids
  • Chair and stuff for me
  • Foods and beverages 

The Girl Scouts are right! Be prepared.

Here’s how.

Overall, I have a laminated checklist and an erasable marker on the fridge. You can have one for each kid or one for each sport – whatever works best for you. I make one for myself AND one for the kid. It’s never too early to start teaching them to take care of themselves. Plus, this avoids the argument about whose job it was to remember whatever we’ve forgotten.

I’ll include these three categories of things.

Gear and clothes for the kids

Tip 1: Keep a bin in the car for gear (balls, cleats, shin guards). The gear goes in the bin before the kid gets in the car. Having a consistent place for the gear AND a consistent way of dealing with it increases the odds that you’ll have what you need next time. Also remember a soccer ball pump because a flat soccer ball simply doesn’t work. Meltdown avoided!
Tip 2: Get the clothes into the laundry as soon as you get home so you have the most time possible to get everything clean. Make sure the clothes are clean and out the night before to help avoid last minute panic about a missing sock.
Tip 3: Picnic blanket with a waterproof side. This is great for siblings to hang out on or your sports kiddo to hang out on during half time. It’s also great for a rainstorm to keep your legs dry. My umbrella doesn’t keep all of me dry! Speaking of siblings, how about a wagon to haul all of this stuff onto the field? It is amazing how such small people can need such a large amount of stuff.


Gear and clothes for you

Tip 1: Keep your portable chair, umbrella and rain jacket in the car! Insect repellent and sunscreen. And an extra pair of sunglasses for when you forget yours or the weather changes.
Tip 2: First aid kit. You never know when your kid (or someone else’s) is going to get injured. A kit with Band-Aids, bandages, ibuprofen, and a couple of ce packs that activate when broken will handle the most common kids’ sports injuries.
Tip 3: Coffee!!!

Snacks and Drinks

Tip 1: Keep a case of bottled water in the car. Yes, disposable bottles are wasteful. And yes, they’re sometimes necessary.
Tip 2: Packaged snacks can be not very nutritious, and kids may refuse “healthy” snacks. Check out these chocolate chip cookies with 2 servings of zucchini sneaked in. The kids think “cookie.” I think “veggie.”
Tip 3: Cuties (mandarin oranges) or lunchbox size apples.
Imagine a soccer game day that unfolds in an orderly fashion without meltdowns (for kids or for mom)!




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