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Modern Holiday

November 26, 2019

Modern Holiday

Kay Allison - CEO of Farm&Oven Snacks

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Holidays for me are about simplifying the food and my home so I can laugh and hang out with the people I love versus stressing about spilling gravy on the floor en route to the table (don't laugh, it's happened).  We used to clean and cook for Thanksgiving and invite family and all kinds of "homeless" friends. And we made great food (the acorn squash with cranberry sauce - don't get me started!). Then my amazing husband helped me, ahem, come to my senses and we now go out to dinner and then hang out at home with family. And sometimes our friends' families too. We'll roast a turkey breast and make that acorn squash dish I love so much and a pumpkin pie so we have "leftovers," but in a super low pressure way. 

Farm&Oven Snacks - Great On-The-Go Breakfast

What about you? Do you feel the pressure of pulling off the “perfect” holiday? What about the daily stress of being the “perfect” mom, wife, sister or friend? What if we all let that go? Why do we still adhere to these 1950s ideals where mom is putting dinner on the table and everyone’s all smiles. Don’t even get me started on breakfast! Let’s start putting forth realistic expectations and ideals for ourselves and for one another. 

Farm&Oven - Great for Lunchboxes

I don’t know about you, but mornings are an absolute nightmare some days. Getting myself put together, walking the dog, packing Anya’s lunch, checking in my with hubby and trying to get into the office on time: it’s a whirlwind. My daughter is a fairly independent teenager these days, but I can even more vividly remember when I was trying to get out the door with the toddlers. I’m having pretty scary flashbacks about car seats. The morning gets even more interesting when you first have to get the kids to school before you can get your own day started. 

Farm&Oven - Delicious and Healthy Snacks for Kids

Mark this as reason 1,453 that I decided to start Farm&Oven. I feel like I start my day like a champ when I can sneak over a ½ cup of veggies into each kid before 12pm. Let’s be realistic. You’re probably going to be in a veggie war at dinnertime so why not avoid the battlefield all together? I fully support every mom out there who, just like me, is grabbing some sort of breakfast bar and tossing them to her kids in the backseat as she tries to make it to the next destination on time.

Farm&Oven - Kay Allison - Passionate CEO

Forget perfect holidays or being the perfect mom. Let’s start embracing our imperfections and enjoying the fact that most families have a two-income household and are doing their very best to get through the week in a happy and healthy way. Here’s to healthy, delicious meals on the go and permission to order take-out for Thanksgiving this year. 

Farm&Oven - Delicious Snacks, Happy Kids

Not convinced your mini me’s will eat veggies for breakfast? All they’ll taste is a sweet treat and you’ll know their getting their veggie nutrition, all before lunchtime.Try our product with our 100% money-back guarantee and enjoy 20% just in time for Thanksgiving. Simply use code BlackFriday20.

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