Kid-Friendly Activities That Bring Fun to "Safer at Home"

May 12, 2020

Kay Allison - Co-Founder of Farm&Oven

I feel for moms who are working full-time, teaching full-time and mothering full-time. All at the same time.

Although my daughter is a teenager and doesn't need the same kind of constant attention as a two-year-old, I think all kids are struggling a bit right now. Classes are online, they haven’t seen their friends in months...and let’s be honest. They are probably picking up on some of our stress which isn’t helping the situation.

This month I’m doing my best to focus on acceptance as best I possibly can. I didn’t create this global pandemic, nor do I have the means to end it. All I can do is change my attitude and perspective. I’m trying not to take things personally (mostly unsuccessfully) and getting outside everyday. I’m starting to plan out some fun activities for me and my daughter. She loves jigsaw puzzles and is currently working on one with 9,000 pieces! (You can only imagine the state of my living room).

This week I’ve put together a list of activities that I think will help you and your kids bring some joy and buoyancy back into your days. 


Create a Book Club or Contest

Fun fact: I’m a voracious reader, and I’m proud to say that has rubbed off on my children. Well. ⅔ of them, anyway. I have yet to meet a kid who didn’t enjoy the reading contests at school (Remember the Scholastic Book Fairs?). I suggest creating a document that allows your kid to put stickers or color it in for every book read. Bonus points if you send the flyer out to other moms to have their friends join in! Reading is a great way to capture a little one’s imagination and keep them away from boredom. Reading in their room not cool enough? Try having them read a book with an astronaut!

When in Doubt? Science

Who doesn’t like flying a rocket ship up into the air using an exploding cola bottle? You can grow crystals, show how oil and water don’t mix, build a volcano and so much more. This website has a ton of pre-made kits to help you get the curriculum flowing.

Arts and Crafts

Artistic endeavors are a great way to get your child smiling, having fun and feeling the accomplishment of a project completed. Anytime I can find a kit that is already pre-made that is a huge win. Right now I love these bead kits by local business Nomad Beads. They have everything you need to create some beautiful jewelry (minus pliers) plus the kid-friendly boxes come with instructions!

Get in the Kitchen and Bake!

As you know by now this is my absolute favorite activity either alone or with my family. Farm&Oven was created by my love of baked goods. I would sneak in extra veggies into every banana bread or pumpkin loaf I baked. Try it out yourself! Or make life easier and simply pop my delicious Pumpkin Maple Pecan in the microwave for a few minutes. Top with whipped cream and you have the ultimate comfort food! They taste like mini pumpkin pies!

I would love to hear what you are doing to stay busy in quarantine or should I say, “Safer at Home.” Please email me at or better yet, join our private Facebook Group, 100%THATMOM. It’s a space where judgement is non-existent and laughter reigns supreme.

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