Kay's Diary - Scrumptious Self-Improvement

November 05, 2019

Kay's Diary - Scrumptious Self-Improvement

Farm&Oven Bakery Bites are Delicious and Nutritious

Winter used to fill me with dread. In Chicago, the low-hung, pewter grey skies and slushy streets seemed to last forever.

Here in sunny Colorado, however, fall is the BEST hiking season (imagine hills of dark green pine trees punctuated with splashes of bright yellow and orange aspen leaves). And winter means ski season is here!

I have a daily habit of assessing how I’m showing up in the world, and I do the same on a grander scale at the year’s end. What did I do well? What could I do better next time?

Come along as I offer what I’m reflecting on this month, and what I’m doing to learn and grow into the life and person I want.

Farm&Oven Bakery Bites on the Go

Body and Well-being

I used to vacillate between depriving and indulging myself. I’ve learned that a period of restricting what I eat is always followed by “girls gone wild.”

Now my focus is on nourishing myself and others. I plan out my meals for the week ahead with flavor and satiety in mind, as well as health. And many mornings you’ll find me at the office popping our NEW gluten-free zucchini chocolate bakery bites in the microwave for about 15 seconds (they are delicious warm) with a hot cup of tea. It feels indulgent, but is actually healthy (getting my daily dose of veggies) and extremely filling. This tides me over until lunchtime and my body thanks me for getting breakfast handled, even on the go.


Farm&Oven Bakery Bites - Kay Allison (CEO) with her familyFamily

What do I want from other people? To be seen, acknowledged and loved for who I am.  I've learned that in order to get that, I have to give it first.

It’s important to encourage and support what my kids are interested in, versus forcing them to change to fit my ideologies. This is actually one of the reasons Farm&Oven was born! I absolutely love vegetables; however, my family sees anything green, and they run away. They do have a healthy love of sweets, however. And that’s why I pumped each packet full of good nutrition. Did you know that each serving of my original flavors contains over 1 billion probiotics and about 30 grams of fiber? If you are concerned with keeping your family well fed, I encourage you to try out my bakery bites. I understand the struggle all too well. 

Farm&Oven Bakery Bites - Bailey Pihera (@BaileyLifts)


I've evolved from being fiercely competitive with other women over ‘who's more perfect’ to authentic heart connection through our magnificent imperfections. Someone pointed out to me the other day that none of us are enough by ourselves. That’s why we need each other! I’m so excited to have such an incredible team of women surround me at Farm&Oven who are devoted to developing meaningful connections with those around them as well. We are slowly but surely creating a devoted and loyal tribe. It’s powerful to watch women get vulnerable and share their stories openly. I’m really impressed with Bailey Pihera, a young athlete and Olympic Weightlifter who shares the struggles she had with an eating disorder. Now in Nashville studying to become a dietitian, she has an amazing blog which shares nutritious and delicious snack recipes for those of us on the go. I’m honored that Farm&Oven made the cut!


Farm&Oven Bakery Bites_Enjoying Morning Coffee 


It’s fascinating how my perspective shifts when I wake up in the morning and ask the universe how I could be of service in the world. My life is so much more meaningful when I’m connecting to something larger, asking questions and helping others. Right now I am putting together a massive research study on our product. I love these conversations, helping me understand their needs and desires. What do you do to foster community and connection? What is one small thing you could do this week? 

Farm&Oven Bakery Bites_Lunchbox

 Quality Time

In today’s fast-paced digital world the hottest commodity that we have is time. I truly understand how quickly things move which is why I’m starting to toss away any old ideas and expectations that no longer work for me. For example, I don’t have a lot of time to cook or clean because of my work schedule. Thank God my mom lives close. She’s at the age I assumed I’d be caring for her, and I’m delighted that SHE is caring for me and my family instead!  Another example of simplifying? Instead of cooking a five course Thanksgiving meal, I go out to dinner with my family. Rather than losing time crafting an elaborate lunch for my daughter, I simply add 2 packs of Farm&Oven Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Zucchini cookies and a heart-felt note. (She's a teen, so I'm sure she doesn't fully appreciate the note part...)

How often do you pause and give thought to these areas of your life? I hope by sharing my intentions for the month ahead it’ll encourage you to do the same Let me know how it’s going! I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below, say hello on social or as always shoot me a note at kay.allison@farmandoven.com.




P.S. To encourage you to 'live on the wild side' and try out our gluten free options I'm offering 15% off ALL MONTH LONG! Be sure to use the code GlutenFree15 at check out. 

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