Finding Joy in Times of Uncertainty

May 19, 2020

Farm&Oven Snacks - Soft-baked mini muffins

What are you doing lately that has brought you comfort and joy? This Great Pause has caused us all to slow down. It's fascinating to me that we complained when there was too much to do. And now that we can't do the things we love. Human nature, am I right?

Farm&Oven - Soft-baked Mini Muffins

I encourage you to join me in dropping into the present moment and living in today. I find when the future brings me fear I need to appreciate where I am right now. Sometimes it’s about dropping into your breath. Perhaps it’s about putting your palms on your legs. Looking around the room. Listening to the birds. My favorite Colorado bird (the Meadowlark) perches on the highest point around and sings the most beautiful song. I always think it is my Higher Power bringing joy to our corner of the world. All I have to do is to notice it.

Farm&Oven - Kay Allison Co-Founder

Baking grounds me and brings me creative joy  (the catalyst for Farm&Oven’s creation). On Friday, I set a special "fancy" table for our once-a-week take-out dinner. Food brings us all together no matter what the circumstances. I encourage you to try baking something that brings you comfort in the coming days. Not a baker or a chef? Not a problem. Try putting our Pumpkin Maple Pecan soft-baked mini muffins in your microwave for 15 seconds and dosing them in some whipped cream. It’s a taste we all recognize. Pumpkin pie reminds me of Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. May this tiny treat bring you some comfort and joy during these uncertain times. Enjoy 15% off our Pumpkin Maple Pecan with the code JOY at check-out.

Wishing you and your family many happy memories and beautiful ways to connect, even though physically we must be apart.


Farm&Oven - Pumpkin Maple Pecan Mini Muffins

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