Every Mom Could Use a Win Right About Now!

April 14, 2020

Farm and Oven - Healthy Snacks for Kids


What day is it? What week is it? I've cooked about 3,759 dinners. Is 2020 over yet???

Are you quarantined with your family? I'm finding that despite how compatible my family is, being together without a break can make tensions simmer. The last thing I'm gonna do right now is fight over eating healthy. I started Farm&Oven so we can all get off the veggie battlefield. Each serving sneaks in over a ½ cup of undetectable veggies while keeping your kid’s taste buds happy. 

Here are some tips I’ve learned from Dr. Kay Toomey at the STAR Center in Denver. I’ve incorporated at home and have helped me a ton. Breaking down veggie eating into micro-steps allows for lower tensions all around. And that's a huge #momwin.

Step It Up

Believe it or not studies show that children are likely to be more fussy about what’s on their plate when their feet don’t hit the ground. Think about when you are sitting on a bar stool with no comfortable ledge to rest your foot on. Not fun right? This Trip Trapp High Chair from Masionette is worth its weight in gold. 

Build Tolerance

For us this meant placing the sauteed spinach on the table without our daughter having a fit.  Eventually, we were able to simply put a teeny amount on her plate. Just that is a huge win.

Then introduce the idea of interacting with the veggie -- playing with it (marching broccoli spears?), moving it around their plates, etc.

Engage the Senses

Smell. Are they willing to put their nose down to the veggie and take a sniff?

Touch. With fingers, then to the top of their head, under their chin, on their forehead, then nose, then chin. Maybe even their lips!

Taste. If they've touched the veggie to their lips, maybe have them lick their lips. Also, it's okay for a kid to spit the food out at any point!

When in Doubt? Chocolate!

Farm&Oven was built with healthy kid nutrition in mind. My inspiration was my own painful experience as a mom. If my kids don't like something, they aren't going to get the nutrition. Simple as that. So my intention is to make mini-muffins that kids ask for. With nutrition they need. 

I like to start my family off each day with Farm&Oven mini muffins. This way I’ve already ensured they’ve gotten a decent dose of their daily recommended amount of green. By the time dinner comes around the pressure is off. 

Not sure our mini muffins will pass the picky eater taste test? Right now I’m offering free trial packs (all you pay is shipping) so you can see the magic in person. Already a fan and ready to load up? Our Chocolate Lover 20 and 30 packs are currently 20% off. Simply use code CHOCOLATELOVER at checkout.

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