5 easy ways to eat more veggies

October 07, 2018

5 easy ways to eat more veggies

Make your mom happy. Eat more veggies.

Here are 5 hacks:

  1. Slice a fat carrot horizontally, making discs. You can also use radishes or zucchini. Then dip them: In guac. In peanut butter. In ranch dressing.
  2. Eat dinner for breakfast. I make extra the night before and eat that for breakfast.  Non-traditional. But it works.
  3. Squeeze baby food pouches of veggies into marinara sauce. I love, love, love Once Upon a Farm.
  4. Try beet chips, kale chips and chickpea snacks (Hippeas is really cool).
  5. Of course, this list wouldn't be complete without Farm&Oven Snacks. 40% of your daily veggies in each pack.

Eat veggies. Be healthy.