5 Best Travel Snacks for Weight Watchers

July 21, 2019

5 Best Travel Snacks for Weight Watchers

I’ve been back on the road again several times this month, and I’m appalled by the food choices at airports and mini-markets along the highway. Trying to find food that’s full of nutrition and a limited number of SmartPoints is ridiculously hard.

The world is not conspiring to make it easy for us to eat healthy and keep on track. In fact, it seems like swimming upstream.

Until the world changes, I need to be prepared. My aim is not to eat perfectly when I’m traveling, it’s to do as best I can. I remind myself that a snack or even a day of not making the best choices isn’t gonna ruin my progress.

I do pack snacks and meals when I’m traveling by car – and a limited number of them when I’m flying. And I’ll make a trip (or two) to a grocery store when I’m going to be in a place for awhile so I have a stock of cooked chicken breasts, cut up veggies, strawberries and apples to eat.

These are a few of the goodies I pack for snacking when I’m on the road:

Smart Sweets gummy bears (1 SmartPoint® per pack)
These are a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth. And I find that the chewiness helps allay anxiety. Or boredom. The two primary emotional states of travel in my experience! ;) I don’t love, love them nutritionally. Stevia sweetener makes me not feel great after eating too many. But sometimes popping 3-5 of these is so soothing after the stress of travel. 


Emerald 100 calorie packs (3 SmartPoints® per pack)

The crunchy texture also keeps me (somewhat entertained), and the 100 calorie snack pack keeps me from eating way, way, way too many nuts! While these are healthy – good fat, fiber plus nothing artificial, the points can pile on if you eat too many. I like having a finite amount in these packs that is actually reasonable. The packs available at the gas station mini-marts along the highway are HUGE!!! And they taste so great, it’s hard to stop. I also like that these packs don't take up a lot of space!

Farm&Oven Beet Dark Chocolate bakery bites (6 SmartPoints® per pack, 2 per mini-muffin)

I was at a business meeting over a couple of days in Nashville last week. I swear lunch and dinner one day consisted of chicken wings and iceberg lettuce. Two meals in a row!!! Needless to say, I was on the hunt for veggies on the way home. The only option I found was a taco salad in which there was (yet again) iceberg lettuce. It seems like finding veggies while traveling is a pipe dream.

I was really glad to have some of our Beet Dark Chocolate bakery bites with me. They make an awesome breakfast (so good with coffee). Each pack of these soft brownie bites gives you 40% of your daily veggies. Even better? They're a dark fudgey chocolate. And they have mini chocolate chips! Click here to save 10%. Discount code TRAVELSNACK.


String or Laughing Cow Cheese (1-3 SmartPoints)

While you need to keep these refrigerated on longer trips, the individually wrapped pieces slip into a briefcases or backpacks and will hold up for a few hours. The protein and fat really fill you up and will hold you from being distractingly hungry!


I buy the organic Gogo Squeeze applesauce pouches (3 SmartPoints) because they fit into whatever I’m carrying (and I don’t need a spoon to eat the applesauce!). Applesauce definitely doesn’t give you the fiber you get from eating an apple, but when traveling, perfection is NOT the goal.

Happy trails to you, until we meet again!

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